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"Hold yourself to a higher standard."

Travis Walter has been with Olympic Companies for over three years. Starting as an 85 percent journeyman carpenter, Travis has since transitioned to the role of carpenter foreman where he works with his team and other contractors to promote and keep a safe work environment for everyone on or near the job site.

When it comes to on-site safety, has your experience at Olympic Companies been different from your previous work experiences?

Travis: Definitely night and day.  Olympic is 100 percent hard hat and safety glasses. There is more of a dress code; you have to have hard soled shoes or boots and you have to wear long pants, have to have a shirt on - you're high-vis' most of the time.

 "Building a Safer Place to Work."

Mike Sturgeleski is the Corporate Safety Director and Employment Coordinator, working out of the Olympic HQ in Minnetonka, MN. Since starting his career at Olympic in 2001, he has worked to keep safety a priority while recruiting, onboarding new hires, and training Olympic crews across the region. As part of this Safety Series, we asked him how Olympic creates a safe work environment for its employees and why safety is an integral part of company culture.

 "We work to live, we don't live to work."

Todd Tilberg has worked with Olympic Companies for over 20 years, starting his career with the Minneapolis crew. As the Safety Director and Field Superintendent for Olympic Companies in Sioux Falls, he oversees recruitment, safety, and logistics of projects in the region. We asked him how Olympic creates a safe work environment for its employees and why safety is an integral part of company culture.

It's nine o'clock on a rainy Monday morning in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Our crew starts to huddle in an open corridor at one of Olympic Companies' larger job sites, the Riverview Surgical Center along the Missouri River. Before work begins, Safety Director Todd Tilberg gathers the team for a Toolbox Talk, our weekly check-in where we talk about safety concerns, lessons, and reminders that affect the wellbeing of everyone on our job site.

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