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Moving from food service to construction to find consistency and longevity

"My career began when I started working at Olympic."

After 11 years in food service, Seth Weber made the move to the construction industry as the Warehouse Manager for Olympic Companies in Sioux Falls. "I've probably been here the least out of anybody in the company, if I had to guess. I started working in the shop in January of this year," he said.

For Weber, the move came at the right time as he was thinking of the future for his kids and family. "The length of employment of the team here—everyone's got some time under their belt—really says something. It solidified me wanting to come here and work. When you see longevity like that, anybody should have a light bulb go off that 'hey, you know what, that's probably a good gig'," said Weber.

Weber worked in residential construction for a bit when he was younger. "I poured concrete and framed houses, so it wasn't a total shock coming into it. The scale from residential to commercial is obviously different, and there's extra attention to safety. And they really take good care of you here." As Warehouse Manager, Weber says his day-to-day involves 'safety' in a few different ways, and Olympic Companies' focus on safety really takes care of everyone. "I do a fair amount of work by myself, and I'm not going to take a shortcut because it'd be done 10 minutes faster. I'm going to do it the right way. I also have to make sure I am getting everything to the crew in a safe manner. At big jobs, there's a lot going on and we need to be paying attention to make sure none of us are in a situation where we get hurt," he said. It's all-round safety—the crew goes home safe, employers are happy, the projects are steady; a full cycle.

Some of the big things that motivated Weber to make the move were the benefits package, support through the union, consistency in his work schedule, and stability for him and his family. "All of these are awesome, especially for someone with children. I'm building stability for my family at Olympic, trying to get my kids set up for college, and letting them know that it pays to work hard. And that, if you're getting paid to do something, do it well and do it with a smile, if you can," he said.


The consistency in Weber's schedule has allowed him to attend every basketball game his daughter plays, and go hunting and fishing on the weekends with his son. "The amount of quality family time has gone up exponentially for me, and I love it. I love every second that I get to be with my kids."

Being the manager at a large family restaurant didn't really provide Weber with this consistency, but he says that his previous role has some correlation to his new role at Olympic Companies. "It's still about understanding timeframes, and what we need to do to get the job done and done well. It's also people skills. There's a lot of communication that needs to be had and those people relations are pretty important in construction too," he said.

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