An apprenticeship to build a trades career anywhere in the U.S. & Canada

For over 20 years, Olympic Companies S.D. has sponsored crew members for the apprenticeship program through the Carpenters Training Institute, the training and continued education arm of the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters.

Carpenters Training Institute provides state-of-the-art programming and specialized on-the-job training to build a career within the trades as a carpenter, millwright, floor coverer, pile driver, or cabinet maker.

As union members, apprentices at Olympic sign up for a four-year program in which they attend classes four times a year for one week as they continue to work for the company. At the end of four years, they will have earned 640 classroom hours and worked a minimum of 6,360 hours out in the field for a total program length of 7,000 hours. And at the end of 7,000 hours, they will be UBC certified as a journeyperson. With that, they can work anywhere in the United States and Canada and get paid the prevailing wage of that particular area.

"Once they're through the apprenticeship program, the apprentice as a journeyman is a lot more balanced carpenter or tradesman. The program instills very balanced traits and it gives them a pretty extensive training in the area of OSHA compliance and safety, and the use of safety equipment. This makes them a lot more employable, even beyond working for us," said Todd Tilberg, Safety Director and Field Superintendent for Olympic Companies in Sioux Falls. "There's a lot of benefits to the employee and the employer both. It's a two-fold win-win opportunity."

Through a four-year apprenticeship program with CTI, apprentices at Olympic Companies S.D. learn specialized trade skills, improve their communication and leadership skills, and build a community of peers and mentors around them, while earning an average of over $36,000/year plus fringe benefits such as health insurance and pension (with a total value of over $55,000/year) during the training program. 
After successfully completing their programs, apprentices become journeyworkers in the field. The average journeyworker at Olympic Companies makes between $48,000 and $52,000 a year plus benefits for a total value of $70,000/year.

Olympic Companies and CTI are offering apprentices tools to be successful in this career. "Not only today, but tomorrow and in the future, things will always need to be built, regardless of what's going on in the economy. And whether or not they're working for themselves, working for one of our contractors or working around the house, we give all these apprentices a skillset they can't get in any community college," said Anthony Fasano, Regional Training Coordinator at the Carpenters Training Institute (CTI).

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