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William Finney: Working hard and rebuilding things he cares for

Soon after graduating from high school in the early 1980s, William Finney started a little business of buffing floors for big retail stores like K-Mart. He saved up and bought a red Corvette at the end of 1986. Fast forward 34 years and it's kind of come full circle for this foreman at Olympic Companies. At the end of last year, he had saved up enough to buy a red 1986 Corvette again, just like the one he had when he was in his 20s. 


"It's exactly like the car I had—same interiors and accents, everything," he said. When he moved to Sioux Falls from Utah for a fresh start, he decided to collect and rebuild some of the things he had lost in that move. This Corvette being one of them. "I've always been interested in cars. Growing up, when I was 16 or 17, I always liked to build cars," said Finney, who has been with Olympic for the last eight years.

After years of searching as he was saving up, Finney found the listing for the red 1986 C4 Chevrolet Corvette in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, a few hours from Sioux Falls. The woman he bought it from was the daughter of the original owner. "Her father had bought it fairly new and showed it a few times back in 1993. He passed on and the car sat in the daughter's garage for 12 years," he said.

Corvette2 Corvette3

Finney bought the car at the beginning of this year and worked on it for about three months. "Everything needed to be cleaned, but it cleaned up pretty good. I had to flush the gas tank over and over till it came out clean, and redid the fuel pump. It's all original and there's nothing changed. It's just like how it came out of the factory when it was brand new," he said. And now that it's summer, he has been able to take it to a few car shows or gatherings in Beresford and Dell Rapids.  

For Olympic Companies, it's been important to take note that every member of the crew is building something at work, but also building big moments outside of it. Things that enrich their life and the lives of people around them. People like Finney define the significance of hard work and what it means to build—sometimes rebuild—things that are important to you.