Olympic Companies, Inc. Employment Application - SD

Olympic Companies, Inc.
2805 West 51st Street North
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
Phone: 605-332-4420
Fax: 605-332-4432

An Equal Opportunity Employer

To create work that lasts, you need to build something bigger than yourself. At Olympic Companies, we invest in carpenters and finishers who welcome challenges and strive to build something special for their families, communities, and themselves.

What are you building?



Now hiring commercial drywall carpenters (interior/exterior metal stud framing and drywall installation), finishers (tapers), and plasterers of all skill levels.

We're looking for people who want to do work that lasts, which is why we're committed to our professional approach to managing projects and the advancement opportunities of our employees. If you're looking for a new challenge, we have a training program to prepare you for life on the job.

Olympic Companies employees enjoy weekly paychecks with top hourly wages ($13.45-$23.51 for apprentices to journeymen) and fully paid medical/dental or $12,500 per year into retirement.

This application form is intended for use in evaluating your qualifications for employment only, it is not an employment contract. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to sex, marital status, race, age, creed, national origin, sexual preference, color, religion, disabilities, or status with regard to public assistance.

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Business Info

Minnetonka, MN 55305
(952) 546-8166
(952) 544-8869 (fax)


Owner/Director - Michael Conroy
President/Partner - Jeff Schwartz
Sr. VP/HR -EEO - Mary Jo Lecy
Safety Director - Mike Sturgeleski

Our Locations

Minneapolis, MN
Tel: (952) 546-8166
Email: jschwartz@olympiccompanies.com
Fargo, ND
Tel: (701) 365-0098
Email: jschwartz@olympiccompanies.com
Sioux Falls, SD
Tel: (605) 332-4420
Email: dsands@olympiccompanies.com
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: (262) 787-7006
Email: bluft@olympiccompanies.com