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Folkestone Terrace South Lindsey Harfield

Folkestone Terrace South

Description of Project:

Mix-Use Development with retail spaces on 1st Floor (concrete/steel construction), and 99 senior & market rate housing apartment units on 2nd-4th Floors (wood framed construction) - total building square footage 360,000 sq. ft.

Major Challenge:

Coordination of multiple activities/trades on a congested job-site under winter conditions.  Complex exterior wall assemblies, exterior & interior barrel vault ceilings.  Loft units at upper floors. 

Additional Info

  • Location: Wayzata, MN
  • Scope of Contract: Exterior & Interior Metal Stud & GWB Assemblies, Spray Foam, Stucco & Plaster/DEFS Assemblies.
  • Architect: In-Site Architects
  • General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson
  • Contract Size: $3,600,000.00
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