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Science Museum of Minnesota

Description of Project:

Complete renovation of the exterior wall system.  The existing brick and metal panel was removed back to the metal stud framing.  The framing was coated with a rust inhibitive primer or replaced if necessary.  New Densglass sheathing was installed along with spray foam insulation.  The sheating was sprayed with ExoAir 130 Fluid Applied Air Barrier. A new metal panel wall system was then applied as the final exterior facade.

Major Challenge:

The entire exterior renovation was competed with the Science Museum still open for business.  The scaffold system was completely enclosed for safety and protection from rain and wind.  While working on the Omin Theater, limited hours were available, so that customers experiencing movies on the large screen would not be disturbed by construction noise.

Additional Info

  • Location: St. Paul, MN
  • Scope of Contract: Exterior Framing, Sheathing Spray Foam Insulation, Exterior Air Vapor Barrier.
  • Architect: Pie Consulting & Engineering
  • General Contractor: McGough Construction
  • Contract Size: 1.5 Million
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