Raven Precision Agriculture Center

Description of Project:

The Raven Precision Agriculture Center at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD, will be a two-story facility with 126,079 sq ft of classroom and laboratories. The Olympic Companies crew worked on exterior framing and sheathing, weather barrier, interior framing, drywall, and finishing on this large building slated for completion in August of 2021.


Challenges & Opportunities:

The crew started on this project in February of 2020, so they weathered some late winter challenges as they worked on the exterior of the building. The exterior framing was a good challenge for the crew because the windows didn't stack in this two-story design like they typically do in other projects where they can share a jamb stud. This unique design called for non-stacked windows, offset with as little as four inches to as much as a couple of feet between them on the two floors. A detailed layout of the exterior wall, to ensure the windows were in the right place, was paid close attention to before the crew started working on interior framing and drywall. Additionally, there was a lecture hall with a raised floor and detailed soffits that the crew enjoyed tackling.

In March 2020, the ongoing pandemic called upon the crew's flexibility and teamwork to deal with the unexpected. The Olympic team collaborated with the customer and owner to prioritize the health of the various crews and trades working on the site and keep everyone safe. In addition to practicing safety measures as recommended by the CDC such as masks and social distancing, Olympic implemented creative approaches to ensuring the same level of productivity and a smooth workflow. Breaks were socially-spaced, carpooling was limited, and the job schedules were paced to maintain safe separation between individual workers and between various trades working on the project.

The Raven Precision Agriculture Center will open to students for the Fall Semester in 2021. It will house the development of new technologies and partnerships in the agricultural industry, and allow SDSU to become the first land-grant university to offer students both a major and a minor in precision agriculture.


Additional Info

  • Location: Brookings, SD
  • Scope of Contract: Exterior framing and sheathing, weather barrier, interior framing, drywall, finishing.
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