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At Olympic, we specialize in high-stakes build opportunities, so when it comes to the specific and critical security and logistical demands of working in the penal system, there's no one better suited.

Last year, Olympic Companies S.D. worked on the expansion of the Minnehaha County Jail in Sioux Falls, and this year our crews will be working at the Brookings County Detention Center (Brookings). Projects like these require special considerations from our crews throughout the course of the expansion, renovation, or specialty work. Our priorities are the safety and security procedures of the facility, as well as making sure the clients' operations can continue to run smoothly while we work.

While we often say that 'No Day is the Same' in our industry, it is our repeated experience in projects like these that allows us to provide the highest level of quality, service, safety and integrity to clients with high-stakes security and operations needs. 



For the Minnehaha County Jail, our project consisted of a vertical expansion of the existing inmate dormitory building and a 130,000 square foot addition off the east side of the building. The new addition, made up of two floors, now houses several new departments including intake, 24/7 program, jail administration offices, judicial support, additional cell blocks, a medical clinic, and more.
As with most remodels and expansions, it is very important to the owner and occupants that the construction work cause as little disruption as possible in the areas where operations are still ongoing. This common request is even more imperative for a facility with security requirements, such as a prison or jail. So, to ensure the facility's work could continue to run smoothly and uninterrupted in the floors beneath the 2-floor vertical expansion, our crew utilized multi-story exterior scaffolding to access the top-level work areas.  By putting in the additional work and coordination necessary to keep our transport of crews and tools to the exterior access points, we were able to complete the job with very low disruption to the operations and the owners.

An additional environmental challenge that the various teams on this project identified was maintaining safety for both the crews and the public, while carrying out their work in a high-traffic downtown area. Our team ensured that vehicle, pedestrian and construction traffic worked together safely and efficiently while sharing spaces. The crew were observant and mindful of all of these special considerations, and even more so as the temperatures started to dip.

For Olympic, having a foreman with great planning and attention to detail in projects like these is incredibly important. The foremen for the Minnehaha County Jail did an excellent job managing the unique security needs of working on a jail project, and maintaining efficiency throughout the duration of the job.


Our construction work on the Brookings County Detention Center has not yet started in the field. In the office, it's been very similar to the Minnehaha County Jail project as we make special considerations for logistics regarding tools and equipment.

The project comprises approximately 19,200 square feet of new construction and almost 4,800 square feet of renovation within the existing detention center. It includes the construction of general housing for 84 adult inmate beds, temporary housing for juvenile offenders, a kitchen, recreation room space and two safe rooms to house individuals in protective custody. The new facility will also include a room for family and friends to visit inmates via video visitation.

At Olympic, to achieve efficiency, quality and safety goals in projects like these, we start with recognizing the unique challenges during the bid process. By accounting for these special considerations and possible challenges during bidding and project planning, we are fully prepared when we enter the field, and are able to provide our clients with an informed crew who is ready to adapt if the owners' plans and needs shift. 

In the field, Olympic Companies focuses on working closely with the General Contractor and other trades, especially in cases that require extra care, to make sure we are doing our work efficiently with an emphasis on quality. Our foremen take on the responsibility of planning ahead and asking the right questions as the projects get moving, which maintains momentum and efficiency toward our timelines.

Additional Info

  • Location: Sioux Falls, Brookings, SD
  • Scope of Contract: Interior Framing, drywall and specialty security mesh
  • Architect: JLG Architects, BKV Architects
  • General Contractor: JE Dunn/Henry Carlson Joint Venture
  • Contract Size: $560,000 and 204,000
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